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My name is Sinead. I'm an Australian textile designer and hat maker living in Tokyo.

With a background in interior design and a love for colour, pattern and texture, I began making hats for my sons and eventually matching hats for myself and my partner.

As interest was growing amongst family and friends, I decided to start a small hat making business to spread the sun-safe love. 

I have family roots in Japan and have always sought inspiration in the Japanese landscape, people and culture. I look forward to sharing my designs with you.

Boushi Boots

''Boushi'' means hat in Japanese and ''Boots'' is a nickname I have at home.


Hats made from original Boushi Boots fabric are sold on this website. Hats from my previous collection made from sourced fabric can be found here (Japan only).

Made with love

Boushi Boots hats are hand-cut, machine sewn and packaged in my home studio. Each piece is made-to-order and created with you in mind. 

Hats for all!

Boushi Boots hats come in sizes for the whole family. Matchy-matchy alert!! 

They are made to be completely reversible if you wish - even the care label is removable. 

Thank you

for supporting this gal and her small business!

xox Sinead

Boushi Boots Archives

Gallery of hats from 2021-2024. These hats are still available on minne (Japan only).

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