Commitment to


It is a known fact that the fashion industry is responsible for a sizeable percentage of annual global carbon emissions, 10% in fact. Boushi Boots is committed to forging a more responsible path by practicing sustainable methods from fabric sourcing to product packaging.


Made in Japan

All printed fabrics are designed and printed in Japan, reducing the environmental impacts of importing and supporting homegrown artists, designers and producers.

Fabrics are sourced from various stores in Nippori, Arakawa City. They have been carefully handpicked by me and selected for their quality and unique design.

100% cotton

All hats are made from 100% cotton. Not only is cotton comfortable and breathable, but as a natural fibre it is one of the most biodegradable fabrics. Go Planet! 

Low waste

Boushi Boots hats are made to order which means little to no wastage and definitely no over production.

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Eco-Alliance member

Boushi Boots is a proud member of the NoIssue Packaging Alliance. Together with One Tree Planted, NoIssue is contributing to global reforestation by planting one tree for each order they receive from their customers. How awesome is that?


Each order you make from Boushi Boots comes packaged in a NoIssue eco-friendly mailer made from 100% recycled plastics. The mailer has a second adhesive strip so it can be reused one more time. Once you're done with it, you can recycle it where soft plastics are accepted. 

What's more, you can make your order knowing that you have made a positive impact to the environment!